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For the past four years I have been publishing an action/adventure series  that takes place in ancient Nubia. There are currently four books in the PRINCESS KANDAKE series and right now I am working on book number five, Decisions of a Queen. It started out as a labor of love for my granddaughter when she asked me one question. “Nana, where are all the beautiful brown princesses?” My research led me to creating one story that turned into a series of five books.

I have truly enjoyed all of the research that has gone into making the stories and culture as real as possible. Along the way, I learned quite a bit about history, African culture, and the rulers of past kingdoms. There were times when I got so caught up in the research that only deadlines could tear me away from the facts and occurrences of ancient times. I was surprised by the number of things in current African American culture that have their roots in ancient times on the continent of my ancestors. But now it is time for me to move on, time for me to return to my first fictional infatuation…science fiction.

Because many of my readers are accustomed to my writing about things of long ago, I determined that it might be helpful to break them in gently to the odd and strange twists of my imagination. So, last year I published a book of short stories entitled Obscura. Each tale is designed to keep the reader thinking, to cause their imaginations to carry them beyond the end of the story.

This year I will be releasing the first book of a new series that is considered contemporary science fiction…and that is only the beginning of my foray into the odd and strange. Switching gears from the old and ancient to all things new and nearly unimagined has been tough, but oh so much fun. My imagination is totally unleashed. Keep an eye out for the strange and obscure, you’re likely to find me lurking somewhere nearby.

10 thoughts on “Writing Something New

  1. Yes, there comes a time when an author must say good-bye to the cast of characters created in a series. Sounds like you’re ready to move on, Stephanie. Best wishes in your newest endeavour and have fun with it! Cheers!

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Kandake series. In all this time, I’d never heard your motivation behind it. I love it! I also totally understand about the lure of research. It’s an adventure all its own, with the most surprising discoveries. (I’m about to release the second in my Civil War historical fiction series, and I’m in the middle of a four-post series on my blog sharing some of my fascinating finds.) But writing historical fiction can definitely feel like writing inside a box, with absolute historical boundaries. Sci-fi and fantasy can be so freeing. Have fun with it, Stephanie!!

  3. Wow, Stephanie, you are one busy lady! I wish you much luck and joy getting back to your first love, although I readily admit that SciFi is something beyond my realm of understanding or capabilities. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy it. But I don’t understand how people come up with the worlds and ideas behind it.

    1. Thanks, Cordelia! That’s the part I love most, creating new places, cultures, and people (or beings).

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