Why Book Promotions are Good for both Authors and Readers

Book promotions are a fun way to get others involved with your books. This week my books are in several promotions so I am going to chat about why and how authors promote—and most importantly–what’s in it for the readers.

Promotions can be put together by one or more people and can happen in many ways. Just last week the Emblazoners authors wanted to spread the word about our blog and attract new readers at the same time.

Because we write for tweens, we tried to engage teachers, librarians, parents and kids. We brainstormed on how best to do that and decided to offer a brand new kindle filled with 50 AWESOME middle grade books. We spread the word on our individual social media sites and now have a winner. Congrats to Debra C.

Hopefully others who heard about the promo stopped by and liked what they saw and will come back. We have a new post every Wednesday and talk about and share all kinds of stuff with our readers.


I have hired a Blog Tour company: Loving The Book Launch Party to host my books this week and next. I write middle-grade realistic contemporary fiction with a bit of humor. My series: The Adventures of Ginnie West Blog Tour FB page is here. Every day for the next 2 weeks, 1 or 2 blogs will highlight one of my four books and add a feature: an interview with me or one of my characters, a snippet from one of my books, or a review of one of the books. This helps other people see what different readers think of my series. Loving The Book Launch holds super fun book launch parties–mine is Dec 4th–come on over–there will be a lot of FREE prizes.

Another company, Mother Daughter Book Reviews, a mother-daughter team as the name implies—Renee and her 10 year-old, Danielle—read and review middle-grade and younger books.  Thankfully—they liked the 2 books of mine they reviewed. 🙂 You can see their reviews here of my first middle grade book: The Secret Sisters Club and my first picture book: Popcorn. Illustrated by my fellow Emblazoner blogger, Mikey Brooks. Check out his other books here:


Because I wanted to find new readers for my series, Renee agreed to promote all 4 of my middle-grade books. She is also running a review blitz (this is different than a blog tour) and offering a chance at a $50 Amazon Gift Card  to any reader who reads one of my books AND posts a review on Amazon & Goodreads.

Facebook Banner 3

If you’d like to participate—please check out the details here. Renee will send you up to 2 of my books at a time, in exchange for posting an honest review of them. Renee is a joy to work with–in case any other authors want to promote with her. 🙂

Twice a year, Bookmarked Bargains, another group of author friends, offers promo opportunities to its members. Over 30 authors are offering over 50 books at last count for 4 DAYS only—today (Nov 19) and tomorrow (Nov 20) are the last days. Most books are .99 and FREE. The books in this sale are Clean Reads meaning: no profanity, no sex, and no gratuitous violence, just like the Emblazoners authors’ books.

MIKEY'S TBW (Purple)


There are 13 different tabs representing different genres from children’s books to adults’: something to fit everybody. My second book, Trouble Blows West is FREE and my third book, Simply West of Heaven is .99. Both are found underneath the “middle grade” tab.


 My first book: The Secret Sisters Club is .99 during my blog tour. It will also be a part of the Fussy Librarian promo Nov 25th. This is a company that sends suggestions for free and way reduced books to large lists of people, with authors hoping new readers will take a chance on authors new to them. It’s the first time I’ve participated, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it will turn out.

secret sisters club

Life is all about relationships. Connecting people to other people with similar tastes, interests, feelings, standards. Marketing is no different. While we get bombarded daily with a lot of choices, it can be magical when we make a connection with a person, a product, or a good book that makes a positive difference in our life.


Among other things the purpose of a good promotion is to give someone a good enough deal so they will take a chance on a product or service that they need or will bring  ease, productivity and joy into their lives.

I write my books with the hope that when people finish it, they will have enjoyed the time they spent in the world I created. Sometimes stronger connections are made. I can’t tell you how awesome it is when a reader takes the time to let me know that not only did they enjoy my book, they felt a part of my characters’ lives.

Along with writing humorous and heartwarming stories about BFFs trying to navigate through this thing called life, I write about tough subjects like divorce, child abuse, and abandonment in an uplifting way. That may seem like an oxymoron, but I do it through strong characters who also know the magic of having good friends and families, characters who fail and try again, who make decisions to change their circumstances in small and meaningful lives–just like the rest of us have to do.

Today and tomorrow my 2nd book, Trouble Blows west is Free–please check it out. It’s about 12 year-old Ginnie who gets on the wrong side of the biggest bully in 6th grade on page 1. Later on, when she discovers his secret–he is being abused at home–she is determined to be his ally, because he won’t let her be his friend. If you like it, please leave a review on Amazon. We both win: you try a new author and if you like the book, I get a new reader.

If you like Trouble Blows West or any of my other books, please consider signing up with Mother Daughter Book Reviews to read and review that book and any others. You get a free book AND a chance to win a $50 Gift card or Paypal cash.

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

Laugh lots, love much, write on!



5 thoughts on “Why Book Promotions are Good for both Authors and Readers

  1. Great post, Monique! We authors are always busy with trying to promote and market our books. Thanks for giving us a breakdown of what you do to get your book out in front of readers! Salute!

  2. Thanks so much for the glowing recommendation Monique! That is so lovely! I know that there is so much information for authors to navigate through when they have to make decisions around marketing their books. I do all I can to help out authors who write quality books such as yours. 🙂

  3. Aw, gee thanks. Renee. 😉

    Marketing middle grade books is harder than a lot of other genres–our target audience do not usually buy their own books. 🙂 Since there are a lot of gatekeepers: teachers, librarians, parents , we have to find ways to reach the gatekeepers and sites like yours are so helpful.

    Thank YOU for all you do to help us–I know other Emblazoners authors have used your services and been equally satisfied. It is nice to know that we have a supportive place to find people seeking our books. We need more sites like yours. 🙂

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