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Audio Books and the Importance of Listening

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I am a reader. But I’m an admittedly slow reader. It takes me a very long time to finish a book. But I’ll work at it slowly each night. Being frustrated that my schedule was not allowing me to read all the stories that I wanted to, I recently turned to audiobooks and I wanted to share with you little bit about my experience.

Now I’ve always known about audio books, but I simply enjoy READING so much I just didn’t want to sacrifice a book to audio. Well, I was missing out.

I recently listened to the middle grade audiobook “Bigger than a Breadbox” by Laurel Snyder. It is an awesome story about when magic can and can’t do, beautifully read by Chris Fogg. The sound of the story had it’s own personality and I loved every moment of it. The experience is completely different than reading, and not too unlike watching a movie, but your ears and brain are doing all the work instead of your eyes.

After some research on the web I found a few interesting articles about the benefits of audiobooks and reasons why it’s not only a good idea but beneficial to add them to your “reading” repertoire.

This slideshare, shows some of the benefits of audiobooks for children and teens, like increased reading proficiency, increased vocabulary and pronunciation.

This pdf is a bibliography of articles and research on the benefits of audiobooks for young readers.

Here is a teacher and librarian resource site touching on the importance of audiobooks.

Free public domain audio books:



Audiobooks as a whole can be cost prohibitive and so I recommend checking out your local libraries which use Overdrive and/or OneClickDigital for audio books that you can easily download.

So there’s no reason not to try out a great audiobook. Let us know what you’ve listened to!


AnshaKotyk Ansha Kotyk continues to read paperbacks and ebooks, but now a whole new world has opened up with the sound of audiobooks.

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