Scary Stories for Summer Reading!

I’ve enjoyed some great reads the past couple months I wanted to recommend to you. Maybe you’ll discover a new read!

Children of the After: Awakening

A post-apocalyptic thriller starring a teenage boy, pre-teen girl, and their little brother.
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Surprise! It’s a ghost story adventure!
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This time there’s a haunting–and it’s not a friendly ghost. Based in the Muslim faith.
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I just realized there’s been a slightly darker theme to my reading lately. Huh. Well, maybe you enjoy stories that take you to the edge of fear, too!

Have you read these books? What great books have you read lately?


Alex 1 (2)Alex Banks likes to say she holds a black belt in awesome since the only kind of kicking-butt she does is on paper. She lives in Utah with her kickin’ husband, two sparring sons, one ninja cat, one samurai dog and four zen turtles.

Alex writes Young Adult and New Adult fiction (suitable for readers over fourteen) under the name Ali Cross.
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8 thoughts on “Scary Stories for Summer Reading!

  1. Thanks for the great suggestions. With grandkids’ birthdays coming up, it nice to have some new books to give, especially for those who love scary stories!

    1. I think it’s my son Charlie’s fault … He’s been watching Walking Dead now that I’m allowing him to watch it. It’s all zombies all the time in these here parts!

  2. Lol, I do see a theme, here, Ali. I’m not too much for scary, but I have to say I LOVE the cover on woven.

    1. LOL. I actually hadn’t read the back of WOVEN when I started it. I’m friends with the authors, David and Matthew so I just went with it. I was surprised when I realized the main character was a ghost! As for the rest … I blame my son Charlie who’s been bingeing on Walking Dead now that I’m allowing him to watch it.

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