New Release: A Snarky Princess Story Collection

I’ve talked before about humor and tweens, and I’ve discovered that spoofing well-know stories is a big hit for many. To that end, I have just compiled a 4-in-1 volume of short fairy tale spin-offs designed to tickle the funny bone that is no longer clad in Disney Princess jammies.

Snarky Princess CollectionThe four stories are as follows:

Princess Pennilopintha and the Magic Mouse-Made Momphibrak

This one isn’t a direct parody of a known fairy tale, but it has all the exaggerated elements. It pokes fun at the genre by giving us a princess in a tower who really hopes she doesn’t have to get married to a valiant warrior-knight. She lucks out when her prince turns out to be a pastry chef.

Saccharine White and the 7 Dwarfs of SAGA

Obviously this is making fun of Snow White. Unlike the original, Saccharine is only artificially sweet–mostly because she’s tired of dealing with the paparazzi group, SAGA (Slander And Gossip Association). Fortunately, what she lacks in sugary demeanor, she makes up for with a quick mind (and quick feet).


The Quest for a Wide-Awake Princess

This one features two famous sleepy maidens–Sleeping Beauty and the Princess and the Pea. It follows Prince Jack on a quest for a princess who can stay awake long enough for that first kiss. When true love strikes, though, it’s full of comic energy.


Stormy Jane and the Damsel in Distress

Ever notice how the princes and knights always have to rescue a damsel in distress? Well, what if the rescuing is done by a fair maiden? And what if the “damsel in distress” is a 90-foot monster?


Slathered in snarky silliness, they’re sure to get tween eyes rolling (in a good way).  Available individually or in an omnibus collection on Amazon.

A shot B&WLia London has been on a writing frenzy this year, releasing seven new titles in 2015 alone. Much of that his humor or fantasy geared to tweens and teens. Stop by her website for more information.

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