New Release: Of Mice and Momphibraks

MOT 1 coverA collection of satirical princess stories and spoofed fairy tales begins with the first installment of A Maze of Tales~Of Mice and Momphibraks.  Each short story will come out on Amazon for kindle, and when the collection is complete, a paperback anthology will bring the whole mess (…er maze) together.


The first tale begins in a kingdom so ridiculously far, far, far away from anything else that potential conquering (or at least pestering) forces couldn’t be bothered to make the journey for such a small patch of land, no matter how fertile the fields or how full of magical mice.  Princess Pennilopintha is about to find true love…but not until her prince cuts the cheese.  Literally.


Coming soon: Saccharine White (she smiles with artificial sweetness)!  Each story is connected to the one before it by at least one character, and they will all eventually loop back around to the beginning.  Think of them as baseball cards or stickers and be sure to collect them all!

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