My Favorite Thing!

Meeting people who read my books is my favorite thing! Last year, I maintained a booth at the Arizona Family Home Education Convention. It was an awesome experience! I met people of all ages. We chatted about books, education, psychology, history, and reading. Then we talked about my books and about me as a writer. I answered questions like: what inspired me to write, what inspired me to write this particular series, and how many books I intended to write throughout my career.

I had a blast! I love meeting people! By the end of the convention I was exhausted, but it was the best kind of tired. What stimulated and encouraged me the most was talking with kids that were interested in reading my books. I wasn’t so jazzed that they were interested in my books, although I’ll admit that really excited me, it was that they were interested in the history of the setting and the strength of the character! They were intrigued about a new place they could research and that historically a women had been actual warriors and leaders of a rich and strong kingdom.

Of course I had to go back to the AFHE Convention again this year. My experience was even better! I got reacquainted with people I had met from last year, last year’s new readers had become old fans, and several people I’d not met came looking for my booth after having been introduced to my work by their friends!

My new booth design added to my excitement this year. I very special friend of mine created this wonderful thing of beauty!

Gorgeous Adventure
Gorgeous Adventure

If it had not been for the very talented Melissa, I would not have had this fantastic environment to work in.

I’m super excited about next year! New books and new adventures!

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  1. Oh, I hear you, Stephanie! I love talking books with kids. Every time I do a school visit, I ask for recommendations from the kids. It always prompts some great discussions. I’m glad you had an enjoyable conference. Your booth is gorgeous.

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