IndieReCon and the Middle Grade Author


This year IndieReCon, the online writer’s conference for the “independently minded” is focusing on the three major elements of smart publishing–the craft, the business, and sales.

Our keynote speakers are Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath–giants in the indie publishing world. We’ll also have classes from Kobo, Smashwords and Goodreads in addition to a whole lot more.

My personal feeling about indie middle grade is that it’s poised to go BIG. I think it’s been gathering traction as groups like ours make awesome MG books available more broadly and ezines like ShelfUnbound’s Middle Shelf help build that bridge between readers and authors.

But regardless of our genre, we have to be smart our publishing efforts–and IndieReCon can help us pinpoint what’s important . . . and what we can let go of when we just can’t do one more thing.

Also, this year IndieReCon is hosting two contests! IRC’s Best Indie Novel Award is a nominated-novel award, so if you read an indie novel in 2013 or earlier, give that author a shout-out and nominate their book! Or, submit the cover of your own book to be entered to win IRC’s Best Indie Cover Award. Go here to learn more.

IndieReCon is live Tuesday, February 25th-Thursday, February 27th. Hope to see you there!


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