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I remember as a child watching a lot of science fiction with my dad. I loved Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. What I didn’t love was Dr. Who.

Oh, how it scared me! But I was quite young, probably around 7 or 8 years old. But there’s a new Dr. Who currently streaming on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video and it might be what some Harry Potter fans are looking for.

Dr. Who is a wonderful mix of science fiction, time travel, horror, and campy humor. It’s not scary at all, in fact a number of my friend’s tweens are watching it with their parents and enjoying the series. The horror aspect in some episodes are: a giant bug stuck on your back that changes reality, evil metal man-shaped robots that don’t have any feelings, and blobs of fat that run off of you and look adorable as they float off to the mother-ship.

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But I figured an interview with my friend Katie who is 11 might help you decide if you want to try out Dr. Who for yourself.

When did you start watching Dr. Who?

When I was 10, my mom heard from a friend that it was a good show. So we decided to try it out and we’re hooked. We watch it on Netflix.

What would you tell someone your age who has never heard of Dr. Who?

I’d tell them that it’s Science Fiction, that it’s really funny and that there are some aliens that can be scary but not very scary.

What is your favorite thing about watching Dr. Who?

The companions and the sonic screwdriver.

sonic_screwdriver (Me butting in, Companions are the Doctor’s friends that he takes with him on his adventures, and the sonic screwdriver, well that’s his trusty fix-everything device, a must for all time travelers!)

It’s also cool that the Doctor can change, that way when one actor gets tired of doing it another one can take his place. I cried when my favorite David Tenant left the show but I really like the next Doctor, Matt Smith.

(Me again, the Doctor can regenerate when he’s injured!)

Katie has become such a fan of the show that she says she loves it just as much as Harry Potter.

There are a number of Dr. Who books published in a series beginning in 2009 by BBC Press. I’ve found them in the YA section of my local library. A great way to start a new fan on the Dr. Who universe.

The Tardis- The Doctor’s time traveling space ship

For the Harry Potter fans who may be looking for something new and different this might be the show and book series for them. Katie even has a new t-shirt, it says:

My Patronus is a Tardis!

I think I’d like to own that t-shirt too!

AnshaKotyk Ansha Kotyk writes books about adventure with just a hint of the fantastical, just like a Dr. Who episode. Her first book Gangsterland follows Jonathan who falls into his comic book about 1920’s gangsters… and the adventures he has.


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  1. Great stuff! I started watching Dr. Who back in the Tom Baker days and it’s just gotten better since then! I think it’s great the show is finding a new audience today.

  2. I tried the first episode of the new Dr. Who and had a hard time getting into it. I ended up getting hooked on Sherlock instead. But I think it’s so cool that there’s a series of Dr. Who books! (I’m hoping Sherlock will get my daughter to pick up some of my old Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books, but so far, no luck.)

  3. I have seen some of the older ones and gotten hooked. My favorite so far is the Pyramids of Mars episode(s) with (I think) the 4th Doctor. I have a mug with an all-purpose quote on it (I asked for a mug with a booky/authory quote, and my Mom knows I love Dr. Who) – “You want weapons? We’re in a LIBRARY! BOOKS! The BEST weapons in the WORLD!” ~ The Doctor. I also noticed, that, in the episodes I saw, everyone who interacts with the Doctor and his traveling companion, well, gets killed. Even the Doctor’s allies. It’s not that the Doctor kills them, it’s just that they happen to die along the way. 😉

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