Changing Horses in the Middle of the Stream

Everyone has heard the old adage ‘don’t change horses in the middle of the stream.’ It’s been said for good reason, one should find works for them and stay committed to it. Well, I’m ignoring their advice and changing horses, anyway.

I’m switching things up a bit. For the past five years I’ve been writing the Princess Kandake series that takes place in ancient Nubia. I guess you could say that it’s historical fiction and deals with warriors and ancient ways of doing things. I most often describe it as an action/adventure series that takes place in the long ago kingdom of Nubia on the far away continent of Africa.

After spending so much time in research of ancient Nubian and military tactics, writing in current times is definitely something different. And that’s what I’m ready for—something different. So I’m leaving the horse of things historical and ancient and jumping over to the mount of things new and far-flung—science fiction. I’ve flipped my writing around. Right now I’m working on a new series that takes place in current times and has to do with aliens and shape-shifters. The other big difference is that this series has a male main character and is laced with what I call boy-humor.

Science fiction is, and always has been, my first love in both reading and writing, but my audience knows me best for my historical bent. Introducing something so different could be a problem. What if my audience isn’t ready for such a change? What if they grab a book of the new series expecting to find an ancient tale and are disappointed by finding something so different? Both are very real and disastrous possibilities.

So, to break it to my readers gently and help them become acclimated to a different side of me, I have released a small collection of short stories that are all science fiction. My hope in writing Obscura is that my audience is intrigued by my sense of the odd, weird, and strange.

Does this mean that I will never write about the ancient again? Absolutely not. I’m just taking a small break from the past and reaching into the future. My plans are to go wherever the story takes me. And as always, regardless of where the tale leads or which horse I ride, my commitment is to provide the reader with a story well told.

3 thoughts on “Changing Horses in the Middle of the Stream

  1. Wow! I must be a circus performer! I’ve been jumping from horse to horse for years! We’ll look forward to seeing the “new” side of you.

  2. I’m looking forward to checking out your “new” horse as well. I’m also jumping on a new horse–or rather–jumping from an “old” horse (my MC’s horse Calliope-in my contemporary fiction MG series) to a rare white rhino named Elvira in a fantasy series 🙂

    Good luck on the new endeavor. 😉

  3. Giddy up, Stephanie 🙂 I’m with you. I think it’s important to keep the story fresh because if you’re bored, surely the reader will be, too. That’s why I’m writing my first YA contemporary fantasy at the same time as I write book 5 of the Andy Smithson series. No one ever said you couldn’t change your game and I salute you for having the courage to do so. I wish you much success on your Sci Fi. Will it be MG or YA?

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