Bringing in the New Year

January 1This is the time of year that many people set their resolutions for the upcoming year. A writer is no different. For the past few days, between celebrating Christmas with my family and visiting with friends, I have been working on my business plan for the new year along with working strategies. I’ve been sorting out what worked for this past year and how I can improve things for 2015. What I know about  me is that if I don’t mix rewards with work I become a bit lazy and procrastinate, almost to the point of endangering deadlines. So here are a list of rewards to keep me going.

  1.  Movie Popcorn! This is my favorite food on the planet. Of course it’s with butter! That means I have to limit the number of times I treat myself. So I’ll save it for larger accomplishments.
  2. Skyping with grandkids. This is reward is perfect for late afternoons after I’ve gotten a good amount of writing done. Knowing I’ll get to see the faces that I adore will encourage me to keep going.
  3. Playing board games with friends. This is so much fun! I love the challenge of the game and the social (chatting) with my friends.
  4. Red Curry from Toy’s Thai. This I will save for celebrations of completed manuscripts.
  5. Floating on the lake in my kayak. This one will be great for Spring. I love putting my boat on the water and watching the eagles soar above me. Watching them helps with ideas and the development of new stories.
  6. A cup of hot cranberry tea. This is a treat that keeps me pushing right on through. When I begin to slow  my pace and begin to get distracted by all that is around me, I can brew myself a nice hot cup of tea to help me maintain my focus. Cranberry is my favorite!
  7. Short bouts of exercise.  I know, I’m the last person to think of exercise as a reward, but it is. If I’ve been sitting at my computer for long periods of time, I begin to get cramps in my back, legs, and hips. Allowing myself to get up, run in place, and stretch is a most delicious treat.
  8. Massage Oh Yes! This one is for that completed project. You know, when you press that button that sends the template to print. This is what I’m looking forward to. I think I need to schedule one for February.

These are just a few of the rewards I have lined up for myself to ward off procrastination and laziness. Are you ever plagued by the great ‘P’? What are some of the things you do to keep the time-eater away?


4 thoughts on “Bringing in the New Year

  1. Wonderful rewards, Stephanie! A massage would be at the top of my list! I usually walk the dog at set times. Getting up and stretching after sitting on my butt for a while is more of a must that reward, but I see that it gets your fingers moving on the keyboard more! I’ve got to make a list like this for 2015! Thanks for sharing and best wishes for bestsellers and good health in 2015! Cheers!

  2. Stephanie, I like the way you think, girl!! I’m putting off my business housekeeping till I get farther into my manuscript–I’m on a roll–but I believe I’ve found a strategy or two in here that would motivate me as well! (Particularly numbers 5 and 6.) Happy New Year, and good luck getting all the way to that message by February. 🙂

  3. Hi Stephanie! Fun post! I am a big believer in rewarding oneself. I like your list! My favorite reward is going to Disneyland. It’s a great place for inspiration and to recharge my creative batteries. I hope you’ll do a blog on which business strategies worked for you in 2014. YouTube is still my favorite social media hangout. I have more than 400 videos posted now and nearly 1,100 subscribers. And to think I’m this grandma from San Bernardino. LOL! Actually, YouTube is visual and that’s where my readers are. Wishing you a fantastic, productive, and successful 2015! 🙂

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