All Good Plots Have Already Been Taken

A few years ago, someone told me that to write a completely original plot line was impossible because every basic story has already been told in the Bible. Take for instances Luke 2 where we find:

  • The story of an underdog
  • The story of good vs. evil
  • The story of hope

There are stories to entertain (like the ones I write), there are some stories to teach truth, and then there are stories that change the world. On this Christmas Eve, I want to pay tribute to one of the greatest stories ever told–the Birth of Jesus Christ.

Here are a few family pictures “Brown Christmas Style.”

bible story Brown Awkward

2 thoughts on “All Good Plots Have Already Been Taken

  1. I’ve been told the same thing, Lois. Look at Lord of the Rings. It’s the most strikingly biblical plot I’ve encountered, but most stories follow that same general formula. It’s a pretty darn good model. Hope your celebration of the Savior’s birth was a good one.

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