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Action Adventure

Final-CJ-BOOK1-LowResCassidy Jones and the Secret Formula
(Cassidy Jones Adventures, 1)
Elise Stokes

One Girl. One Accident. One Incredible Superhero.

Cassidy Jones is your typical fourteen-year-old— that is, until a seemingly harmless accident in the laboratory of a world-renowned geneticist turns her world upside down. Discovering incredible strength, speed, and enhanced physical senses that defy logic, Cassidy embarks on an action-packed adventure that has her fighting for answers…and for her very life.

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Final-CJ-BOOK2-LowResCassidy Jones and Vulcan’s Gift
(Cassidy Jones Adventures, 2)
Elise Stokes

An Ancient Secret Has Risen. A World In Peril. Can This Evil Menace Be Stopped?

Two months after being infected with a strange retrovirus, Cassidy Jones continues to live a double life as she struggles to master her astonishing superpowers. School has become the only normal thing left in her life—except for tall, dark, and handsome Emery Phillips, who shadows her every move, ensuring her secret is safe. But when a sleepover at Catamount Mountain Zoo takes a menacing turn, the world hovers on the edge of disaster as Cassidy is drawn into another riveting and perilous mystery that threatens the planet.

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Final-CJ-BOOK3-LowResCassidy Jones and the Seventh Attendant
(Cassidy Jones Adventures, 3)
Elise Stokes

Some Secrets Are Better Left Buried…

When the mysterious Gavin Phillips returns to Seattle after a prolonged and unexplained absence, he threatens to expose fifteen-year-old Cassidy Jones’s incredible secret: she is a superhero. But his presence is far more sinister than she realizes, for it soon becomes apparent that his hidden agenda holds a dark and dangerous intent that will unleash an unparalleled evil upon an unsuspecting world. Can Cassidy stop him before all is lost?

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The Super Spies and the Cat Lady Killer 500x750The Super Spies and the Cat Lady Killer
Lisa Orchard

This book opens in a small town in Michigan where fifteen-year-old Sarah Cole is stuck spending the summer at her Aunt and Uncle’s with her sister, Lacey. She’s not happy with the situation until she befriends a girl named Jackie. The three girls stumble upon the ruthless murder of a reclusive neighborhood woman. One of the officers investigating the crime believes the girls are responsible for her death. Fearing that this officer will frame them for the murder, the girls organize their own detective squad. They become the Super Spies and start their own fact-finding mission.  The Super Spies can’t understand why anyone would want to murder the “Cat Lady” until they start digging into her past and discover a horrible crime that happened thirty years ago. They uncover a connection between the two crimes and attempt to bring this information to the police, only to be reprimanded for meddling in the inquest. Not only are the girls upset by the admonition, but they also struggle with the fact that their exuberant investigating could provide a legal loophole allowing the killer to go free. To make matters worse, the police don’t even believe them. Frustrated by this turn of events, the Super Spies realize it’s up to them to snare the Cat Lady killer, or die trying…

Lexile score: 580L | MARC file

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TheSuperSpiesandtheHighSchoolBomber 500x750The Super Spies and the High School Bomber
Lisa Orchard

This book opens in a small town in Michigan where Sarah and her sister Lacey are now living with their Aunt and Uncle. Still reeling from the fact her parents have disappeared, Sarah starts the school year with her new friend Jackie Jenkins. When Sarah learns the school has been bombed, she’s filled with dread. Uncle Walt is a teacher, and he was in the school when the bomb exploded. Taking matters into her own hands, Sarah decides to search for him. The rest of the Super Spies are right behind her. When a fireman chases them away from the school, Sarah becomes suspicious. She decides to investigate. The FBI arrives on the scene. Sarah realizes this bombing could have even bigger implications. Searching for the bombers, Sarah is introduced to the world of terrorism. She fears that the bombing and her parents’ disappearance are connected and terrorists are involved. To make matters worse, the bombers are determined to finish the job. Can the Super Spies find the bombers before it’s too late?

Lexile score: 560L | MARC file

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TheSuperSpiesandthePiedPiper 500x750The Super Spies and the Pied Piper
Lisa Orchard

Sarah Cole and her sister Lacey are at it once again when they learn their missing parents’ cell phone has been traced to Alden, Michigan. When the FBI declines to continue the investigation, Sarah takes matters into her own hands. She calls upon the Super Spies and they delve into the situation. Suddenly, the teens find themselves immersed in small town intrigue and mystery involving a menacing stranger, who Sarah dubs “The Stalker.” But when Sarah learns he’s connected to her parents’ disappearance, she’s determined to find out what that connection is. The Super Spies embark on a journey that leads them into a web of corporate corruption at its highest level that leaves innocent victims in its wake. Can they find the proof they need to stop the greedy corporation before it’s too late?

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PrincessKandakeFINAL.jpg webPRINCESS KANDAKE:
Warrior by Choice…Appointed to Rule

Stephanie Jefferson

In Nubia a woman can be whatever she chooses. At 14, Kandake knows exactly what she chooses…Prime Warrior of Nubia. But her grandmother has said that she will follow her father on the throne.

Refusing to abandon her warrior dreams she continues to train. When her brother is kidnapped, Kandake learns she must be both queen and warrior to win his release!

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WeightCrownFINAL 200 X 300Weight of the Crown
Stephanie Jefferson

Reconciled to the fact that she will follow her father on the throne, Kandake maintains her resolve to continue her warrior training. But illness takes King Amani to the edge of death and Kandake must rule Nubia in his place. Prince Gadarat of Aksum comes calling and announces his intentions to marry Kandake. She has no desire for him or his plans and uses warrior persuasion to change his mind.

Kandake’s dearest friend, Ezena, has chosen a husband and wishes to bring her grandmother to Nubia for the ceremony. When Kandake travels with Ezena to Aksum, jealousy and revenge drive the rejected Prince to imprison her brother and Amhara.

Can Kandake rescue them both, escape Aksum, and get back to Nubia without starting a war?

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Treasure Hunters cover final pubitTreasure Hunters
Lois D. Brown

In five different short stories about treasure hunters, author Lois Brown brings the most unlikely of characters together: Ancient Aztec warriors, a card shark named Harry, members of the Ku Klux Klan, Ute Princess Shami, and many more. They all encounter danger; some find riches; and the unluckiest of them die. Get ready for the chilling twists and turns of treasure hunting at its creepiest.

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amazon Cycles-cover-ebook with kindle book reviewCycles
Lois D. Brown

When Renee discovers that her neighbor, Dr. Dawson, has bags of his dead daughter’s frozen blood stored in his basement, she decides it’s up to her to uncover the doctor’s mysterious past. What she learns, however, is not what she expects. Now she and her friend Sam Miller are on the run, hiding from scientists who want to use what the two teenagers know to change human life forever.

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spaces cover for ebookSpaces
(Book 2 of Cycles series)
Lois D. Brown

After Renee’s life is threatened, she takes on a new identity and moves to New York with her family. There she finds herself haunted—whether by someone real or something supernatural she doesn’t know—and finding out may be the last thing she ever does.

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Contemp fiction

Kelley-CurseOfTheDoubleDigitsCurse of the Double Digits
Lynn Kelley

Becky is sure turning ten on the 10th day of the tenth month will be magical.

The whole class is invited to her party, including Chad, the cutest boy in the fifth grade. So is Darlenie-the-Meanie.

Becky wants to look cute for her birthday party, but all her plans go wrong. Really wrong. The magic of turning ten disappears before she even has a chance to blow out her birthday candles. Things get so bad, she refuses to go to her own party.

Becky wonders if the Curse of the Double Digits will jinx her forever.

Lexile score: 530L | MARC file

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The Secret Sister’s Club: A Ginnie West Adventure
Monique Bucheger

Twelve-year-old BFF’s Ginnie and Tillie, want to be sisters. Tillie’s divorced mom plus Ginnie’s widowed dad could equal a lifetime of round-the-clock girl talk and slumber parties. Too bad Dad vowed to never marry again. Ginnie and Tillie form a secret club and come up with the perfect mission to change his mind: ‘Operation Secret Sisters.’

Before long, Tillie seems happier about gaining a dad than a sister. Ginnie suspects that Tillie has turned ‘Operation Secret Sisters’ into a scam called ‘Operation Steal My Dad.’ Things get more complicated when Ginnie stumbles across her real mom’s hidden journals. Ginnie can finally get to know the mother she doesn’t remember and Dad doesn’t talk about.

When Dad discovers she has the journals, he takes them away. Ginnie needs to figure out what the big mystery is before her relationship with her father and her best friend are ruined forever.

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BIG TROUBLETrouble Blows West: A Ginnie West Adventure
Monique Bucheger

Putting her body in motion before her brain is in gear creates a mountain of problems for 12 year-old Ginnie West. She is certain that defending her twin brother, Toran, from the biggest bully in sixth grade was the right thing to do. But Ginnie couldn’t be more wrong.

She quickly figures out that Toran doesn’t appreciate being rescued by a girl any better than Pierce likes being knocked down by one. When Pierce seeks revenge on Ginnie, Toran sets aside his anger and helps her plot a playback prank at Pierce’s house.

Sadly, Ginnie learns that Pierce has a reason for being a bully when she sees his dad drop him to the floor like a ragdoll with one awful blow to the chest. Realizing he’s a boy in big trouble, Ginnie decides to be his ally, even if he won’t let her be his friend.

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00004]Simply West of Heaven: A Ginnie West Adventure
Monique Bucheger

Twelve-year-old BFFs are matchmaking geniuses. They successfully schemed to get Ginnie’s widowed dad to fall in love with Tillie’s divorced mom. Sweet! Not long after though, Ginnie stumbles upon her late mom’s journals, making life even more awesome sauce … until her dad confiscates the journals, determined to protect Ginnie from a danger he won’t name.

Ginnie is counting on her future sister’s help to make Dad change his mind, but Tillie’s not so sure the ghost of Ginnie’s mom will make a good addition to their new family tree.

The girls’ world gets flipped upside-down when a blast from the past shows up and makes Tillie go nutburgers. Ginnie is torn between helping her best friend and what could be the answer to her prayers. Life gets complicated lickety-split in what is sure to be the most pivotal summer of Ginnie’s life.

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BEING COVERBeing West is Best: A Ginnie West Adventure
Monique Bucheger

Twelve-year-old BFFs, Ginnie West and Tillie Taylor, are matchmaking geniuses. Together, they maneuvered Ginnie’s widower-dad into proposing to Tillie’s divorcee-mom. Sweet! Certain they are well on their way to sisterhood, each girl is floored when Tillie’s lousy-excuse-for-a-father puts in an appearance after a six year absence. Too bad “lousy dad repellant” doesn’t come in a can. Even though Tillie’s dad has sobered up and is determined to make amends, Tillie would rather he just disappear again. If he stays, “Operation: Secret Sisters” may need to be renamed “Operation: Not Gonna Happen.”

If that’s not bad enough, the biggest bully in seventh grade comes over often and wishes he could call the West’s farmhouse “home.” When the bully’s abusive dad shows up as well, Ginnie thinks it’s time to change her family’s motto from “When you’re here, you’re family” to “There’s no more room at the West’s.”

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AndySmithson_250x375_wAwaAndy Smithson: Blast of the Dragon’s Fury

Andy Smithson, book 1
L. R. W. Lee

Video games don’t train you for real-world dragon fighting! 100+ five-star reviews. Experience it for yourself!

Andy Smithson just found out how much the zap of a wizard’s curse can sting. But after an epically bad day, he finds wizards are the least of his problems.

An otherworldly force draws him to a medieval world where fire-breathing dragons, deranged pixies, and vengeful spirits are the way of things. Trading his controller for a sword of legend, Andy embarks upon an epic quest to break a centuries-old curse oppressing the land. It isn’t chance that plunges him into the adventure though, for he soon discovers ancestors his parents have kept hidden from him are behind the curse.

Blast of the Dragon’s Fury is a coming-of-age, epic fantasy adventure featuring fast-paced action, sword fights, laugh-out-loud humor, with a few life lessons thrown in.

Lexile score: 740L | MARC file

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Andy Smithson: Venom of the Serpent’s Cunning
Andy Smithson, book 2
L. R. W. Lee

Ancient Secrets. The Alchemist’s Creed. What’s Andy Mixed Up In?

Resurrection stone? Almost. The Stone of Athanasia has kept the king and his wizard alive for over five-hundred-years, but a villain has stolen it, driving the pair to the brink of death.

Andy must hunt down the Stone along with the next ingredient in the curse-breaking potion. But as Andy and his friend, Alden, scour the land, things get unbelievably weird when they visit Oomaldee’s ancient library and find a portrait that looks exactly like Andy.

Andy holds the fate of the monarchy in his hands. But what fate do the library’s secrets hold for Andy?

Venom of the Serpent’s Cunning is the second novel in a coming-of-age, epic fantasy adventure featuring page-turning action, terrifying villains, and witty banter, mixed with tender exchanges that will grab your heart and make you beg for more. Author L. R. W. Lee’s Andy Smithson series continues to grow in scope and excitement in this second installment.

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Andy Smithson: Disgrace of the Unicorn’s HonorAndySmithson-Disgraceot250x
Andy Smithson, book 3
L. R. W. Lee

Andy discovers more than he bargained for when his parents reveal his mom’s past and he realizes she will die when he breaks the curse unless he intervenes. Twelve-year-old Andy returns to Oomaldee to find its citizens on edge after many have been turned into vulture-people. Against this background, Andy and his company embark upon the next quest, to retrieve the horn of a unicorn. But not long into it, a seductive voice calls to Andy, tempting him to surrender the next ingredient in exchange for a promise to preserve his mom. Will he be able to stop the transformation of Oomaldee’s citizens? Will he jeopardize his ability to end the curse to save Mom?

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Andy Smithson: Resurrection of the Phoenix’s Grace Bk4Cover_150x223
Andy Smithson, book 4
L. R. W. Lee

When Andy landed back home, little did he realize the hunt Abaddon would initiate to capture and punish him for thwarting his plans for eternal life for yet a third time. Meanwhile, when Methuselah unexpectedly extends in Mom’s hand while in Texas, something it has never done for him, it triggers more revelations about her past.

After a frustrating and, at times, terrifying year, Andy returns to Oomaldee and joins Hans’ quest to locate the only surviving heir to the throne of Cromlech. In the process, Andy and company discover the Giant’s Ring, the center of Cromlech’s healing powers, has been destroyed by Abaddon’s evil sorcerer. The situation grows dire when Andy finds that the phoenix who rose from that land millennia before has returned to be reborn and the evil mage has trapped her inside the decimated Ring. Without the freedom to collect the materials she needs to build a pyre, she will die. Andy knows failure is not an option for he needs a feather from this phoenix as the next ingredient to break the curse. Will Andy and his friends free the phoenix in time? Will they be able to fix the Ring and restore Cromlech’s healing powers? Will Andy collect a phoenix feather?

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Andy Smithson: Vision of the Griffin’s HeartCover_Bk5_200x300
Andy Smithson, book 5
L. R. W. Lee

The evil Abbadon, king of Oomladee’s northern neighbor Hadession, steps up his attacks on Andy and Mom at home in Lakehills, TX over the next year, unnerving Andy as he overhears speculation that Methuselah may no longer be able to defeat this nemesis. But why?

Over a year later, Andy arrives back in Oomaldee to discover why zolt have been mysteriously parading through the dungeon and disappearing, for years. And it’s not good.

Tensions run high as more and more citizens are turned into zolt. But there’s more going on than meets the eye, for the effectiveness of Abaddon’s strikes defeating the military’s planned counter measures reveal he’s getting inside information. Could there a spy in their midst?

Despite the chaos, Andy receives a clue for the fifth ingredient needed for the curse-breaking potion, the claw of a griffin. There’s one not-so-small problem however–griffins guard the land of Carta’s gold and silver mines and don’t take kindly to humans. While away in Carta, fears over an imminent attack materialize and Abaddon with his new mage, Fides, enact a campaign of terror no one could have imagined!

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Ansha Kotyk

Fourteen-year-old Jonathan Brooks would like nothing more than to relax for a few hours and read his comic. But GANGSTERLAND is no ordinary comic book. When Jonathan actually disappears inside, he’s dropped into a world of dueling gangsters, a flapper with a fantastic secret and a murder that binds them all. He must decide to become the hero or the final page may trap him inside forever.

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ARROWoftheMIST (3)Arrow of the Mist
Christina Mercer

Terror strikes the Celtic inspired kingdom of Nemetona when barbed roots breach the land and poison woodsmen, including 15-year-old Lia’s beloved father. Lia embarks on a quest to the forbidden land of Brume to gather ingredients for the cure. She relies on her herbal wisdom and newfound gift as a tree mage through a land of soul-hungry shades, trickster creatures, and uncovered truths about her family.

Lexile score: 850L | MARC file

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Arms of Anuarms of anu (640x960)
Christina Mercer

Blood of body, blood of soul,
Entwined for life, then unfolds;
If blood still runs when magic binds,
Soul is never too far to find.

In ARMS OF ANU, Lia and Kelven battle through a land of tyrants, war and magic. Can Lia escape the foes who ensnare her? Will Kelven’s love withstand the darkness taking root inside Lia? Is freedom too high a crown to reach, or will they forever remain in the hollows?

Lexile score: 880L | MARC file


circleoflaw-cover-200x300The Circle of Law
Lia London

Over the sound of the snapping fire, she heard Vontu whispering, “But why do they hate her? Why did he call her ‘Death’?”

Marki held her breath and picked at the scrapes on her arms, listening to how Isbi would answer. The reply came carefully.

“She has been unfortunate throughout her life in that death seems to follow her bursts of temper. She blames herself—says she made the people die, but she’s never hurt anyone. She only throws words.”

“She made them die?”

“That’s what she believes…and so do others in The Village.”

What Marki doesn’t know is that she is one of the legendary lost Ancients, and she is the Governor of Death–and that she will take part in saving her whole world.

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The Dream Keeper Chronicles, book 1
Mikey Brooks

Dreams: Dorothy called it Oz, Alice called it Wonderland, but Nightmares call it HOME.

When an evil shifter takes over the gateway to the realm of Dreams, it falls to 14-year-olds Parker and Kaelyn to stop him. Their only hope lies with Gladamyr, the Dream Keeper, but can they trust a Nightmare to save their world?

Lexile score: 750L | MARC file

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Dreamstone CoverTHE DREAMSTONE
The Dream Keeper Chronicles, book 2
Mikey Brooks

“There is a world inside our own, but we can’t see it when we are awake—only when we sleep. It is then we find ourselves in Dreams.”

When Parker’s mom is dreamnapped by the wicked Mab, it is up to him and Kaelyn to save her. When they return to Dreams, they discover Mab isn’t their only problem. Gladamyr has lost his powers and the only way to get them back is to become what he fears the most—a nightmare.

Lexile score: 750L
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THE DREAM MAKERSThe Dreams Makers cover
The Dream Keeper Chronicles, book 3
Mikey Brooks

When Mares escapes into the world of Awake, it is left to Gladamyr and his teen bonds, Parker and Kaelyn, to stop him. They must return the most evil nightmare ever to exist back to Dreams before the barrier between the two worlds crumbles and darkness reigns forever. But to do so, Parker and Kaelyn must heal broken friendships and unite an army of children who are brave enough to conquer their fears.

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Mikey BrooksCover SMALL

Breaking into an old lady’s basement was supposed to reward Aaron with new friends. Instead he finds an enchanted amulet that transports him to another world—one at war with magic. Before he knows it, he is accused of witchcraft and invited to a bonfire—where he’s the main attraction. If that’s not bad enough, a goblin army shows up and toasts the town…literally. The good news: Aaron escapes being charbroiled. The bad news: the goblins are after him. They want his amulet and will stop at nothing to get it. Battling to find his way home, Aaron teams up with a not-so-magical-wizard and learns it’s his fate to destroy the amulet and save this new world. But is he willing to sacrifice his own?

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series cover set

The Complete Collection, Books 1-6
Mikey Brooks, Jaclyn Weist, J.R. Simmons, and Others

Centuries ago the great city of Atlantis had to be hidden from humans. Now magically buried in the depths of the ocean, it is the source of all magic. All was well in the magical world…until the leaders of Atlantis listen to the whims of a mad man.

A group of teens set out on their own unique quests to fight for the world they love. They face dangers they didn’t know existed. As they battle their way through mysterious tunnels and secrets of the ancient world, they find themselves in a race against time. One by one, the mad man will shut down the Gates of Atlantis and destroy the magic. Can these unlikely heroes stop him before it’s too late?

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Individual books in the Gates of Atlantis series by Emblazon authors:

Book 2 coverMagicians of the Deep
Gates of Atlantis, Book 4
by Jaclyn Weist

Thirteen-year-old Colin knew nothing of the magic world until he is bitten by a mischievous pixie. He meets thirteen-year-old Alleya on a secret website devoted to magical creatures. Before he knows it, Colin finds himself thrust into a whole new world.

Alleya has been hidden away from the rest of Atlantis because she’s half-mermaid, half-Atlantian. Her father tries to ease her boredom by getting her a computer and finally allowing her to go to school. She accidentally lets slip a dark secret-the gates to Atlantis are being shut and it’s destroying magic. Alleya is exiled to Indiatlantis.

There, she learns mermaids are getting sick because of the lack of magic, and the tunnels are beginning to collapse. Together, Colin and Alleya must find a way to bring back the old magic and fight to save Atlantis.

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The Gates of Atlantis, Book 6
Mikey Brooks

Thirteen-year-old Talon is in trouble…again. He didn’t mean to burn down the school library. It just happened. Things like that always happen to Talon. His life is a mixture of the weird and bizarre. No one else he knows can shoot fire from their hands or cause an earthquake…but he can. Every night the same dream haunts Talon: the destruction of an underwater city. He hasn’t a clue what it means but he feels like fate is trying to warn him. It’s not until he runs away with his foster sister Hattie that he discovers his trouble-making powers and strange nightmare are connected. Together they are the key to saving magic…to saving Atlantis.

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A Measure of Disorder
Mother-Earth Series, Book One
Alan Tucker

Join Jenni Kershaw and her classmates as they are whisked away to a world full of life, adventure, and danger. One which reshapes each of them by its vision of their soul. Some accept it, some fight it, all wonder: will that vision control their destiny?

The class find themselves pitted against a powerful evil — and each other — all while trying to discover who, and what, they really are.

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A Cure for Chaos
Mother-Earth Series, Book Two
Alan Tucker

Things are rarely what they seem …
Especially when you’re a shapeshifter.

Jenni Kershaw just wanted a chance at a normal life. Well, maybe something a little better than normal. But perfect physical features weren’t translating into happiness for Jenni as a freshman in high school. Something was still missing.

Jenni never would have guessed that something might be her old nemesis from junior high, Alisha, who shows up out of the blue, bearing a flag of truce.

Say goodbye to normal.

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Tucker-MothersHeartMother’s Heart
Mother-Earth Series, Book Three
Alan Tucker

United we stand … divided we fall.

The cunning and powerful Mogritas and his allies, like a pride of ferocious lions, maneuver and toy with the citizens of Mother, before moving in for the kill.

Scattered across not one, but two worlds, Jenni and her classmates struggle to reunite for a final battle against the centuries-old shapeshifter. Can they band together in time? Or will old frictions and new threats tear them, and their adopted world, apart?

Ruin or salvation, the answers lie in Mother’s Heart.

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GP1CarenThe Gypsy Pearl
Lia London

Caz has spent her whole life on an interplanetary city station. More than anything, she longs to explore the planets below her.  When one of her bursts of temper results in a sentence on the Surface, she sees the punishment as an adventure.  But an encounter with gypsies–and their strange pet–changes her destiny forever.  She is no longer just in search of some fun.  She is on a dangerous quest to seek out three worlds, three gifts, and three powers.  Finding them means finding interplanetary peace–and finding herself.

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tltkataoa-200The Last Timekeepers and the Arch of Atlantis
Sharon Ledwith

When 13-year-old Amanda Sault and her annoying classmates are caught in a food fight at school, they’re given a choice: suspension or yard duty. The decision is a no-brainer. Their two-week crash course in landscaping leads to the discovery of a weathered stone arch in the overgrown back yard. The arch isn’t a forgotten lawn ornament but an ancient time portal from the lost continent of Atlantis.

Chosen by an Atlantean Magus to be Timekeepers–legendary time travelers sworn to keep history safe from the evil Belial–Amanda and her classmates are sent on an adventure of a lifetime. Can they find the young Robin Hood and his merry band of teens? If they don’t, then history itself may be turned upside down.

Lexile score: 760L | MARC file

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legendofthetimekeepers-300dpiLegend of the Timekeepers
Sharon Ledwith

Lilith was a young girl with dreams and a family before the final destruction of Atlantis shattered those dreams and tore her family apart. Now refugees, Lilith and her father make their home in the Black Land. This strange, new country has no place in Lilith’s heart until a beloved high priestess introduces Lilith to her life purpose—to be a Timekeeper and keep time safe.

Summoned through the seventh arch of Atlantis by the Children of the Law of One, Lilith and her newfound friends are sent into Atlantis’s past, and given a task that will ultimately test their courage and try their faith in each other. Can the Timekeepers stop the dark magus Belial before he changes the seers’ prophecy? If they fail, then their future and the earth’s fate will be altered forever.

Lexile score: 760L | MARC file

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michaelasgift-300dpiMichaela’s Gift
Cordelia Dinsmore

Michaela Cochran and her family make the trip to her father’s ancestral home every year, but this year is special. Michaela is now twelve, the age when every girl in the family receives a special gift. When Aunt Sharon explains that Michaela’s gift is a magical ability to bring one of her drawings to life, Michaela begins making plans. What she wants most is a castle high on the mountain, where her family can live together. But if she can’t figure out how to resolve the growing hostility between herself and her mother, her gift is meaningless.

Lexile score: 700L | MARC file

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magian highMAGIAN HIGH
Lia London

The Punkers moved towards us, and Amity and I were forced to back down the steps. When we reached the bottom, they formed a ring around us, all flying just a few inches above the ground. With their shoulders almost touching, they locked us in and began to rotate slowly around us, like a hovering wheel of stupid. Except that they all either had Water Balls or flaming thumbs. We’re not supposed to use any magic on campus except Flash Jumping to get to outbuildings for classes, but I knew no one would really see what they were doing. Amity and I found ourselves back-to-back like the trapped heroes in the movies always do, except that I knew we didn’t have any awesome moves to bust out with.

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00038]The Quill Pen
Michelle Isenhoff

If you owned a pen that wrote the future, would you use it? What if the consequences spread like ripples in a pond? What if they raged out of control? What if the pen demanded tribute…in blood? Micah Randall has found such a pen. One that’s ensnared him in a curse dating back generations. One that’s devastated two families and now threatens his whole New England village. But how can Micah destroy the pen when it offers his only chance at the future he dreams of?

Lexile score: 730L | MARC file

Teacher resources: Includes vocab, discussion questions, and social studies ideas. Aligned with Common Core standards. Resources paperback

Kindle | Paperback 

SongOfTheMountain_cover_v3newSong of the Mountain
(Mountain Trilogy, 1)
Michelle Isenhoff

Mud and mire shall birth a tree,
A sprout shall grow of ancient seed.
The five unite to break the one,
The curse of man shall be undone.
But brothers rise ere dragon’s bane,
The last shall smite the first again.

Orphaned at a young age, Song Wei has grown up listening to his grandfather recite legends of the distant past. But it is his own history Song seeks to uncover, particularly the events surrounding his parents’ deaths. But that is a secret closely guarded by his grandfather. Then Song discovers an heirloom that links him to an ancient prophecy. His destiny lies within the old tales he has scorned. Song must follow the path that killed his father.

Semi-finalist in the 2013 Kindle Book Review Book Awards. Nominated for the 2013 Cybils award.

Lexile score: 720L | MARC file

Teacher resources: Includes vocab, discussion questions, and social studies ideas. Aligned with Common Core standards. Resources paperback

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FireOnTheMountain_cover (1)Fire on the Mountain
(Mountain Trilogy, 2)
Michelle Isenhoff

What really happened on the mountain twelve years ago?

Though his apprenticeship hangs on him like an ill-fitting garment, Quon is unprepared for the twist his life takes when his parents are killed and he is forced to flee Miruna. Adrift in the wilderness with no purpose and no protection, he is approached by an old man who hints that his destiny may be more than he imagined. Ancient tales fill Quon’s head with expectations of glory, but he soon learns that being a hero is far different than dreaming of becoming one.

Follow Song as he uncovers his family history.

Kindle | Paperback

Tears of the Mountain
(Mountain Trilogy, 3)
Michelle Isenhoff

A simple act of obedience has the power to change the world.

Jubal wants only to live in peace, but ancient feuds steal away any hope of tranquility. War overtakes Kindolin, and Jubal finds himself flung into a quest of even greater antiquity. For victory lies not in the strength of arms but in a promise given long ago. His path, fraught with betrayal, loss, and his own lack of faith, carries him far beyond the boundaries of Kindolin. Will he be strong enough to lay down his own life in fulfillment of his task? Or will Kindolin disappear into the pages of history?

Journey back to the first age of men in this final installment of the Mountain Trilogy that ties Song to his family’s very earliest beginnings.

Kindle | Paperback

Faery SwapFaery Swap

aery Swap
Susan Kaye Quinn

Warrior faery princes are very stubborn. Especially when they possess your body.

Fourteen-year-old Finn just wants to keep his little sister out of Child Protective Services–an epic challenge with their parentally-missing-in-action dad moving them to England, near the famous Stonehenge rocks.

Warrior faery Prince Zaneyr just wants to escape his father’s reckless plan to repair the Rift–a catastrophe that ripped the faery realm from Earth 4,000 years ago and set it adrift in an alternate, timeless dimension.

When Zaneyr tricks Finn into swapping places, Finn becomes a bodiless soul stuck in the Otherworld, fighting spriggans with sharp teeth and rival faery Houses. Back on Earth, Zaneyr uses Finn’s body to fight off his father’s seekers and keep the king’s greatest weapon–himself–out of his hands. Between them, they have two souls and only one body… and both worlds to save before the dimensional window between them slams shut.

Faery Swap is an action and druid-magic filled portal fantasy, told by both a runaway faery prince and the boy he’s tricked into taking his place. This Prince and the Pauper meets Warrior Faeries tale is suitable for all ages. Includes 4 interior illustrations.

Lexile score: 720L | MARC file

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JoeyCola_DreamWarriors_cover_600x900Dream Warriors
A Joey Cola Novel (Book 1)
by D. Robert Pease

Joseph Colafranceschi is a fifteen-year-old, self-described geek, living in the Bronx. The second youngest of twelve sons of the former U.S. ambassador to Italy, Joey discovers that a small Egyptian statuette, given to him by his father, endows him with power to control his dreams.

After his brothers throw him down a manhole, Joey is drawn into a hidden society of warriors who have been battling a reincarnated Egyptian Pharaoh for over 3,000 years. In the dream world, everyone is not what they appear to be, and it’s impossible to tell who to trust. As Joey slips deeper into a world of gladiator battles and clandestine missions into other people’s dreams, he catches the eye of a beautiful Egyptian princess.

The only thing that keeps him grounded in reality is his best friend Alex, but even she may not be who he thought she was.

MARC file

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furycover-smFury of the Storm Wizard
by Shauna E. Black

When Jesse gets struck by lightning following the death of his mother, the local weather goes haywire. Mini tornadoes appear out of nowhere, and the chicken coop freezes in summer. Looking for a fresh start, Pa uproots them both to a Colorado mining town.

But there’s a storm brewing in Silver Valley. A string of unusual mining accidents has locals whispering of dark magic, and the marshal sent to investigate goes missing. Only Jesse can see the shadow of a dragon hovering around the marshal’s teenage assistant, Boone.

Looking for help, Boone draws Jesse into a world of magic and intrigue to stop an evil skinwalker from finding an ancient pot shard hidden somewhere in Silver Valley. A master of disguise, the skinwalker could be anyone. If Boone and Jesse can’t find the pot shard first, the skinwalker will bring back a reign of terror to the West!

MARC file

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StolenLuck_lgStolen Luck
By Jaclyn Weist

Sixteen-year-old Megan Crenshaw has everything going for her until the day a leprechaun shows up on her doorstep and steals all her luck. Not only that, he follows her around and wreaks havoc in her life. With the help of her friends, Megan must get her luck back before he manages to destroy her life and the lives of all those around her.

MARC file

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TwistOfLuck72dpi-2Twist of Luck
By Jaclyn Weist

Megan finally has her luck back and hopes that life will return to normal. Unfortunately, the magical world has other plans. Suddenly, she finds she has fairies follow her to provide security, dragons become a constant threat, and an imp tracks her every move. As if that wasn’t enough, her luck begins to manifest itself in ways she could never imagine.

MARC file

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BestOfLuck_72dpiBest of Luck
By Jaclyn Weist

Megan has had it with leprechauns. They want nothing more than to take over her luck—something she’s not willing to give up. After finding herself locked up in a dungeon on Christmas morning, she vows to take O’Malley down.Between trying to have a normal life in high school, and fighting various fairy tale creatures thrown in her way, Megan barely has time breathe. But when a mysterious darkness begins to snatch the fairies and leprechauns that have protected Megan and her family, she must learn the history of her luck and defeat the bad guys once and for all.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

p&p3 - front coverThe Princess and the Prom Queen
By Jaclyn Weist

Jenny’s had it with her life. Six siblings in an overstuffed house are enough to drive anyone crazy, and sometimes she dreams of escaping to some fantasy world. When she suddenly wakes up to find herself being kissed by a strange—but very handsome—prince, Jenny knows her life just got a lot more exciting. Now stuck in a medieval land of castles and royalty, when Jenny learns that the queen has agreed to marry her off to the prince, it’s time to take matters into her own hands. She goes on a quest to find out who dragged her to this time while trying to keep from falling in love with either of the boys vying for her attention.

Princess Genevieve has only known life under her mother’s rule. She wants to do more than go to battle or deal with suitors. She wakes to find herself in a new world filled with gadgets, electricity, and moving carriages. She finally has the freedom to be who she wants to be with a family who cares deeply for her and a boy worth any sacrifice. It’s more than everything she always wanted.

As Jenny and Genevieve settle into their new lives, they face an unknown evil which threatens everything they care about and makes them face tough questions—like who they are and what they really want their lives to become.

MARC file

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By Jaclyn Weist

Sydney lives her nightmares every night. While other teenagers are dreaming of boys or traveling to exotic places, she must run a staircase with no beginning or no end, or a terrible debt will never be paid.

Just before her seventeenth birthday, the dreams change. She is no longer alone.

But her nightmares don’t end when she wakes up. Her stepmother and stepsisters threaten to ruin everything she holds dear. She must protect the secret that both she and her father have magic or they will use it to their advantage.

As Sydney learns to control her magic, what seemed impossible before—escaping her stepmother and those ever-present stairs—is now at her fingertips. When she learns the ultimate plan of her evil captor, Sydney must stop her at all costs, or she will forever lose her soul.


historical fiction


TheCandleStar_cover original no DD

The Candle Star
(Divided Decade Collection)
Michelle Isenhoff

Winner of the Readers’ Favorite 5 Star Book Award. Series librarian-nominated for the 2012 Michigan Reads Award.

After a moment of high spirits—a tantrum, her mother called it—Emily is sent from the plantation to her inn-keeping uncle in Detroit. There she meets Malachi, the son of freed slaves, who challenges everything she’s grown up believing. With plenty of bumps and humor, their abrasive relationship develops into respect, then friendship. But when Emily stumbles upon two runaways hidden in her uncle’s barn, she finds that old ways die hard. And Mr. Burrows, the charming Southern slave catcher, is lodged in the hotel.

The Divided Decade Collection includes three stand-alone stories that view the American Civil War through three different lenses. All are set within Michigan. The books can be read out of order or read alone, depending on the theme that most interests the reader (or most closely relates to a classroom curriculum). All three have been highly acclaimed by teachers and home schoolers. Each has lesson plans and additional resources available.

Lexile score: 800L | MARC file

Teacher resources: Includes vocab, discussion questions, social studies ideas, and links to primary sources. Aligned with Common Core standards. Resources paperback

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BloodOfPioneers_cover original no DDBlood of Pioneers

(Divided Decade Collection)
Michelle Isenhoff

Series nominated for the 2012 Michigan Reads Award.

Hannah craves excitement, but all local adventures dried up long ago, when her parents unpacked their wagon on the Michigan frontier. Then war breaks out and her father and brother leave to fight the Confederacy. Hannah is left at home chaffing under the boredom of never-ending chores—until the farm is threatened. The one place she longs to leave suddenly becomes the one place she’ll do anything to save.

The Divided Decade Collection includes three stand-alone stories that view the American Civil War through three different lenses. All are set within Michigan. The books can be read out of order or read alone, depending on the theme that most interests the reader (or most closely relates to a classroom curriculum). All three have been highly acclaimed by teachers and home schoolers. Each has lesson plans and additional resources available.

Lexile score: 780L | MARC file

Teacher resources: Includes vocab, discussion questions, social studies ideas, and links to primary sources. Aligned with Common Core standards. Resources paperback 

Kindle | Nook | Kobo | Paperback

BeneathTheSlashings_cover original no DDBeneath the Slashings

(Divided Decade Collection)
Michelle Isenhoff

Series nominated for the 2012 Michigan Reads Award.

Grace Nickerson’s life has been shattered by four years of war. She’s desperate to return to a sense of normalcy, but soon after her father returns, he sells the farm and drags the family to a lumber camp in Michigan’s northern wilderness. Living among the rough loggers is frightening enough, but then a series of accidents prove intentional. Who is sabotaging the camp, and why? Will the winter in the woods bring the healing Grace’s family needs? Or will it drive a wedge between Grace and her father?

The Divided Decade Collection includes three stand-alone stories that view the American Civil War through three different lenses. All are set within Michigan. The books can be read out of order or read alone, depending on the theme that most interests the reader (or most closely relates to a classroom curriculum). All three have been highly acclaimed by teachers and home schoolers. Each has lesson plans and additional resources available.

Lexile score: 740L | MARC file

Teacher resources: Includes vocab, discussion questions, social studies ideas, and links to primary sources. Aligned with Common Core standards. Resources paperback 

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TaylorDavis_FlameOfFindul_cover 2x3Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul
(Taylor Davis, 1)
Michelle Isenhoff

Sometimes life gooses you when you’re not looking. You might be happily coasting through days in a little New Jersey suburb, dreaming about Jennifer Williams and making plans to see the new movie showing uptown when–bam!–everything changes in an instant. Your family moves overseas and suddenly you’re hacking at water demons with a four-foot blade.

Taylor Davis didn’t want to move to the Caribbean, and he certainly doesn’t want save the world. But when he’s sucked into a supernatural world of angels and their adversaries, that’s exactly what he must do.

The Flame of Findul–the sword that guards the Tree of Life–has been allowed to burn out. Taylor and his new teammates must relight it in the forge of Findul the firesmith before the tree fall into the wrong hands. But Findul hasn’t been seen for several centuries. And a formidable enemy, one who has eaten of the tree, stands in their way.

Lexile score: 700L | MARC File

Kindle | Paperback | Trailer

Additional books in the Taylor Davis series…


KT CS cover 2014

Kibble Talk
(Kibble Talk series, Book 1)
Cynthia Port

For ages 8 to 12.

Once Tawny decides to do something, there’s no holding her back. So when her best friend Jenny dares her to eat dog kibble, down it goes. Little does she know how that dusty, tasteless lump will change her life. Suddenly she can hear what dogs have to say and talk back to them too! This might not be such a big deal, except that her own dog, an enormous Great Dane named Dinky, has a LOT to say. He lets her know right away that his fondest dream is to be a teeny tiny lap dog. Tawny promises to help him, and her life nearly goes to the dogs.

A story about friendship and family, Book 1 in the Kibble Talk series is ideal for reluctant readers or anyone who loves to laugh.  The mix of simple and sophisticated humor also makes this book a great choice for a family or classroom read aloud.

MARC file


Dog Goner
(Kibble Talk series, Book 2)
Cynthia Port

DG CS cover 2014 flat RBG

For ages 8 to 12.

Secrets will be revealed! Fondest wishes will be fulfilled! Permacrud will be . . . what the heck is permacrud, anyway? Find out in Dog Gone Dinky, the second book in the hilarious Kibble Talk series. Tawny and Jenny, along with their dogs Dinky and Gunner, have set themselves on a mission – or really, three missions. Gunner just wants to be clean, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Jenny is determined to find out the secret to Kibble Talking, and she’s prepared to feed kibble to the whole fourth grade if thats what it takes. Tawny wants a little brother or sister to make her family complete. But there’s someone else with a fondest wish, and they’ll do anything to get it. Can Dinky save the day before he becomes a dog goner?

Book 2 in the series is a fast moving and funny fiction story.  With zany situations, new characters and a whodunit plot, it will satisfy the most ardent Kibble Talk fan.

MARC file






Monster Moon: Curse at Zala Manor
BBH McChiller
(Lynn Kelley, Kathryn Sant, Maria Toth)

Book 1 in the fun, spooky Monster Moon mystery series for ages 8 – 12. It’s almost Halloween, and twelve-year-old AJ Zantony’s world is threatened by an ancient curse that releases wicked pirates who had been trapped for centuries in his Aunt Zsofia’s creepy mansion, Zala Manor.

The pirates–a vampire count, a pegleg skeleton, and a zombie–have three goals: to find a lost treasure, unleash the restless dead from their graves, and to settle a very old score by destroying the Zantony bloodline.

AJ has to stop them before midnight during Aunt Zsofia’s annual Halloween party. Except he has a big problem–monster phobia! He’s scared to death of monsters. But if he doesn’t act fast, the streets of Craggy Cove will be crawling with zombies.

Will AJ overcome his fear and stop the monsters or bail out? Will Craggy Cove become Zombie Central? Who will be alive when midnight tolls?

Lexile score: 550L | MARC file

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Lynn Kelley Author, BBH McChiller, Secret of Haunted Bog, Monster Moon mysteriesMonster Moon: Secret of Haunted Bog
BBH McChiller
(Lynn Kelley, Kathryn Sant, Maria Toth)

Book 2 in the fun, spooky Monster Moon mystery series for ages 8 – 12. From the moment AJ and his friends, Emily Peralta and Freddy Hangman Gallows, step off the train in Old Chinatown, AJ s sixth sense kicks in, an omen of looming danger!

A mysterious fortune teller warns AJ and his friends of vile forces and impending doom, until the Day of the Jewel. AJ should have listened.

A shadowy stranger lurks in the crowded alleyways and spooks AJ by slipping him a bizarre card with a threatening message. Is it a joke or are AJ and his friends being stalked by a man in black?

In a twist of events, AJ and Freddy end up lost in a dark and marshy bog, where they are surrounded by thick fog, creepy sounds, bizarre creatures, and ghostly apparitions.

In the depths of the creepy bog, they stumble upon a missing girl and horrifying evidence of toxic pollution. But somebody doesn t want them to escape. Who? Why?

Can AJ and his Zombuddies work together to uncover the secret of the haunted bog? Will they come out alive?

Lexile score: 510L | MARC file

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Monster Moon: Legend of Monster Island
BBH McChiller
(Lynn Kelley, Kathryn Sant)

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00005]

Book 3 in the fun, spooky Monster Moon mystery series for ages 8 – 12.

Listen, swabbers, to this kraken tale.
Treasure and scoundrels and setting sail.
Sinking ships and a ghostly wail.
Can AJ survive, or will the beast prevail?

Slimy tentacles slither out of the toilets and tangle with 12-year-old AJ Zantony and his younger cousin, Jasmyn, while they’re visiting Zala Manor, their great aunt’s creepy old mansion.

AJ’s buddy, Vlad, the pirate rat, stops by and pleads for help in saving his species from the creatures invading the sewers. AJ, Jaz, and their friends decide to risk everything to assist Vlad, plunging deeper into sea monster lore and facing the mysterious legends firsthand.

Is it worth sailing into an otherworldly storm and confronting evil scoundrels, scarred souls, and the most nightmarish beast imaginable? The dangers mount, increasing the chances that AJ and his friends will fall victim to the Legend of Monster Island.

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black catching katil cover cleaned kindleCatching Katil
Lois D. Brown

After finding the body of her neighbor’s murdered cat, 12-year-old newspaper girl Jenny Krigler uses skills she’s learned from watching television detective Magnum P.I. to launch her own investigation of the crime. She surprises even herself when her spy tactics work–a little too well. Grab your shoulder pads and Jolly Rancher candy. CATCHING KATIL will take you and your tween back to a time when neon Wet-n-Wild eyeliner was hot, the band Alphaville brought on a wave of euphoria, and the phrase “like totally” was considered proper English.

MARC file

Kindle Smashwords Trailer


Science Fiction



Jump Boys: SOS
Alex Banks

A dare gone terribly wrong.
An SOS from another universe.
A threat from right next door.

Thirteen-year-old twin brothers Jayce and Val are about to jump the multi-verses on a dangerous dare, but true danger is closer to home than they realize.

In a society where technical expertise is valued above all else, Jayce and Val are among the most privileged—until they uncover their uncle’s plot to claim dominion over space and time. While attempting to rescue a lone girl from a post-apocalyptic earth, Val will come face to face with space pirates and Jayce will lay his life on the line for the sake of his brother and the little girl who holds the key to time itself.

MARC file

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Noah Zarc: Mammoth TroubleNoah Zarc: Mammoth Trouble
(Noah Zarc, Book One)
D. Robert Pease

Noah lives for piloting spaceships through time, dodging killer robots and saving Earth’s animals from extinction. Life couldn’t be better. However, the twelve-year-old time traveler soon learns it could be a whole lot worse. His mom is abducted and taken to thirty-first century Mars; his dad becomes stranded in the Ice Age; and Noah is attacked at every turn by a foe bent on destroying a newly habitable, post-apocalyptic Earth.

Traveling through time in the family’s immense spaceship, Noah, a paraplegic from birth, must somehow care for the thousands of animals on board, while finding a way to rescue his parents. Along the way, he discovers his mother and father aren’t who he thought they were, and there is strength inside him he didn’t know he had.

Lexile score: 650L | MARC file

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Noah Zarc: CataclysmNoah Zarc: Cataclysm
(Noah Zarc, Book Two)
D. Robert Pease

Thirteen-year-old Noah Zarc rockets to Venus in a quest to learn more about his past. He refuses to believe his father is really the monster everyone says he is. Could there be valid reasons for everything he’s done, including abandoning Noah at birth?

While searching for answers to secrets no one wants to talk about, even those that have remained hidden for over a thousand years, Noah becomes embroiled in a mission which could cause the greatest cataclysm in the history of the solar system. And the name, Noah Zarc, might be forever linked to the most devastating crime in humanity’s existence, all because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Lexile score: 630L | MARC file

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NoahZarcDeclarationCoverNoah Zarc: Declaration
(Noah Zarc, Book Three)
D. Robert Pease

The final book in the Noah Zarc Trilogy. – As battles rage across the solar system, Noah must work to join together a rag-tag bunch of miners, farmers, and scientists who would rather just live in peace. With only a time-traveling ship full of animals and a general from the history books, the Zarc family has to stand against the full might of the Poligarchy. Will the truth about what really happened a thousand years in the past be enough to stop total war, or will Noah and his friends need to find another way to bring down a dictator?

MARC file

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NoahZarc_Omnibus_cover_600x862Noah Zarc: Omnibus
(Noah Zarc, Trilogy)
D. Robert Pease

This Special Omnibus Edition of the Noah Zarc science fiction series features not only all 3 books of the series, but also includes 22 black & white illustrations by the author. It’s ideal for kids as young as 9 and as old as 14, depending on reading level and parental involvement.

In a future where Earth has been wiped clean of all life, and humanity has moved on to other worlds, twelve-year-old Noah Zarc and his family have embarked on a quest, in a time-traveling spaceship called the ARC, to retrieve two of every animal and repopulate a dead world.

MARC file

The 3 Individual Books:
Noah Zarc: Mammoth Trouble
Noah Zarc: Cataclysm
Noah Zarc: Declaration

Amazon Kindle | Amazon Hardcover | Barnes & Noble | Apple iBooks | Signed Hardcover from Publisher

open mindsOpen Minds
Susan Kaye Quinn

When everyone reads minds, a secret is a dangerous thing to keep.

Sixteen-year-old Kira Moore is a zero, someone who can’t read thoughts or be read by others. Zeros are outcasts who can’t be trusted, leaving her no chance with Raf, a regular mindreader and the best friend she secretly loves. When she accidentally controls Raf’s mind and nearly kills him, Kira tries to hide her frightening new ability from her family and an increasingly suspicious Raf. But lies tangle around her, and she’s dragged deep into a hidden underworld of mindjackers, where having to mind control everyone she loves is just the beginning of the deadly choices before her.

TOP 5 FINALIST for 2012 Best Indie Book, Young Adult Fiction – The Kindle Book 

MARC file

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PETERSEN-WYW-SmallCoverWish You Weren’t
Sherrie Petersen

Sometimes wishes aren’t enough…

Marten doesn’t believe in the power of wishes. None of his have ever come true. His parents ignore him, his little brother is a pain and his family is talking about moving to Texas. Not cool. So when he makes an impulsive wish during a meteor shower, he doesn’t expect it to make any difference.

Until his annoying brother disappears.

With the present uncertain and his brother’s future in limbo, Marten finds himself stuck in his past. And if he runs out of time, even wishes might not be enough to save the ones he loves.

Audiobook coming soon!!

MARC file

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